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I make it unreasonable for IT Service firms To Not Add $432k in new revenue in 180 days or less.


building marketing & sales systems

consulting & working alongside your team

Hiring & Placing talent into your firm

Talks About: Generating leads, Sales Cycle Decrease, Create Viral Sales Assets, Marketing & Sales Strategy Optimisation & Funnel development.

Trusted by the Top enterprises in the world:

On: Helping Andrew Osborne 
Generate over £100k in sales opportunities…

Andrew Osborne — From 3 Meetings a Week to 32 a MONTH!

The Problem

Andrew sells software development for Agencies and industry-leading content creators partnered with me, they were a business relying solely on organic and referral leads.

They had no strong outbound strategy, sales assets, or inbound systems and their value proposition wasn’t optimised, leading to incorrect and ineffective messages that were booking only 3 calls (if possible) a week 

The Solution

Our first objective was to re-engineer their sales and marketing strategy, from the target market and value proposition to the conversion of the prospect to customers.

We worked closely with him to establish an MVP strategy to study their value prop., marketing channel fit and sales process.

After getting few meetings, we started to iterate the strategy and resources with the information that we gathered. Then we increased the volume of their client acquisition strategies, and we helped him generate 32 meetings in the following month.

Andrew Osborne - CEO Levvio Consulting

This Is NOT for everybody.

Here’s WHO I CAN help:

We’re VERY picky about who we partner with, and we have a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to succeed and get the results we both desire.


Here it is:

This is NOT for IT Managed Service Companies that do not have happy customers. The method outlined will not work. If you are in this category, we suggest focusing on fulfilment before scaling.

Our 1 Packed Solution(s)

A 6-12 month Partnership that adds an extra £102k – £1.2m+ to your pipeline.

We help you optimise & define your current offer for success, or we develop a new one that your dream prospects love.

We’ll help you find, recruit, train thirsty & hungry sales reps that help you fill your sales pipeline with Cybersecurity prospects.

We’ll help you develop and launch a top-notch a Sales Letter that will engage with your prospects feeling like they know you, what you do & how you can help whilst increasing by 25% the sales opportunities.

We’ll develop a holistic sales infrastructure that helps our clients stay on track of opportunities and automate activities.

We’ll help you optimise your website, funnels or landing pages CRO to squeeze the most sales opportunities.

We’ll help you create sales assets such as E-books, White-papers and others, to aware your market about their inefficiencies and sell your services as the “Holy Grail”

We help you create a top-tier sales funnel that will generate MQLs & SQLs and optimise it for better success.

We’ll handle completely your inbound lead generation with a custom-tailored strategy that will bring leads to your pipeline.

Our growth service is fully DFY (Done-For-You), meaning we’ll handle everything.
You’ll only need to send the resources, attend our scheduled meetings, review the systems & metrics.

All our solutions are personalised and adjusted based on our clients: Goals, Needs, Inefficiencies & Systems.

How Do We Work???

We design and implement custom strategies to improve efficiency and streamline operations and results for our clients:

1. Kick start call

We’ll start by discussing your company’s goals, challenges, and current status. This will help us determine where and how to focus our focus.

2. Audit and Analysis:

We’ll conduct a thorough audit of your current marketing and sales processes to identify any areas of improvement. We’ll analyse your existing data and make recommendations for optimization.

3. Strategy development:

Based on our analysis, we’ll create a tailored growth strategy that addresses your specific needs and aligns with your business goals. We’ll outline key metrics and milestones to track progress and measure success.

4. Execution and Optimization:

We’ll work with you to implement the strategy and execute specific tactics. Continuously monitoring and optimising your campaigns to ensure they’re driving results and delivering ROI.

5. Reporting and Analysis:

We’ll provide regular reports on campaign performance and analyse data to make data-driven decisions. Likewise, recommendations for future growth opportunities and optimizations.

6. Scaling:

As we start seeing positive results, we’ll work with you to scale your marketing and sales efforts to reach new heights. This may include expanding into new markets, launching new products/services, or increasing your customer base.

Meet the Founder.

An IT Service Companies Growth Partner and founder of Mr. Brown Consulting. With years of experience in the marketing & Sales industry, he helps IT Service companies optimize their business models and growth strategies.

Through his consulting-partnering services, he provides guidance and support to IT Service Companies looking to scale and improve their sales and marketing efforts. His approach is focused on data-driven analysis and identifying areas for improvement to achieve success.

With a passion for helping businesses succeed, Kelvin is dedicated to providing personalized solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Kelvin Brown.

Kelvin Brown

Managing Director & growth CONSULTANT

We’re  NOT an Agency.

We’re Growth Partners!

We’re NOT an Agency, all our services are fully custom-tailored for our partners.

Meaning that we take care of all activities as necessary or desirable in order to implement and give full effect to the provisions and purposes of increasing shareholder value

All our services are personalised and adjusted based on our clients: Goals, Needs, Inefficiencies & Systems.

Our Guarantee

We are a firm that is completely confident in the results our growth partnerships produce for our clients, we offer a work-free till results compliance.

This means that if you do not GET THE STIPULATED RESULTS, we will work for free until we achieve them…


Let’s Grab A Coffee & Talk…

We DO NOT accept rescheduling IF you DO NOT notify us before the call. Our slots get filled out quickly, so we cannot always promise another time.


Most frequent questions and answers

We are replicating a tried-and-tested model that has provided us with a 100% success rate, so we are extremely confident that it will work!

We invest in the partnership to ensure its success.

Not only have we achieved a 100% success rate, but all of our clients have asked us to expand into other areas of their businesses.

You’re definitely in safe hands, we provide a 100% guarantee! 

We work exclusively with one new partner each month. We are highly selective with the clients we work with and only collaborate with companies we KNOW we can deliver 100% of the time.

Furthermore, we are a firm that is completely confident in the results our growth partnerships produce for our clients, we offer a work free till results compliance.

This means that if you do not GET THE STIPULATED RESULTS we will work for free.

As long as necessary to achieve the desired results!

We are fully invested in your success and will successfully complete all tasks without any excuses.

We are partners!

Our partnership contracts range from 6 months to 12 months, with an option to renew or extend as needed.

The length varies based on our client’s needs and goals.

We conduct a thorough assessment during initial discussions to determine the appropriate length.

We provide long-term value and aim for sustainable growth remaining flexible and open to adapting the contract to changing circumstances.

We learn, complete the work, and collaborate with your team to impart knowledge whilst retaining our accountability as partners in delivering results.

We will assist you in building and expanding your business in exchange for a slice of success.

We are constantly learning and growing as a team, and we invest in ongoing education and training to stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

We also attend conferences and workshops to stay informed and connected with other experts in the field.

And… we are the trend setter, so you won’t have to worry about the trends because we set them.

Mr .



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